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Wil Herrington banks $4,000 AL State Championship finale

The Southern All Stars Super Late Models tackled the high banks of the East Alabama Motor Speedway for the finale of the Alabama State Championship. 18 SAS Super Late Models signed in to do battle for 40 laps and a $4000 payday.

The afternoon started with Sam Seawright setting overall quick time with a time of 14.371. Sam Seawright and Wil Herrington would lead the 18 car field to green for the 40 lap feature.

Green flag racing would not last long as Bo Slay went for a ride off the bank in turn 2 ending his afternoon before getting a lap in. Herrington and Seawright would once again lead the field to green and on lap 3 Austin Horton went off the bank on the back stretch sending him to the tail. Herrington led the field back to green with Seawright challenging but the challenge would come to an end when Seawright went over the bank sending him to the tail. Herrington would lead the field back to green and would go on to lead flag to flag to pick his first career SAS win. Cody Overton closed in but couldn’t mount a challenge and settled for second. Kenny Collins, Jordy Nipper and Mark Whitener round out the Top 5

Entries: 18

Quick Time Group A: Wil Herrington 14.372

Group B: Sam Seawright 14.371 Overall Quick Time

Hard Charger: Mark Whitener(12)


  1. Matt Dooley 1288
  2. Billy Franklin 1272
  3. Shay Miller 1082
  4. Josh Putnam 774
  5. Dalton Cook 582

Next Event: Sept 24th Senoia Raceway

A Feature 1: 1. 14-Will Herrington[1]; 2. 93-Cody Overton[5]; 3. 1C-Kenny Collins[3]; 4. 1N-Jordy Nipper[12]; 5. 5-Mark Whitener[17]; 6. S16-Sam Seawright[2]; 7. 16-Austin Horton[4]; 8. T1-Todd Morrow[15]; 9. 21-Shay Miller[8]; 10. 888-Dennis Hale[10]; 11. 17-Billy Franklin[13]; 12. 18D-Matt Dooley[9]; 13. 99-JR Moseley[11]; 14. 33-Jeff Mathews[7]; 15. 01-Jason Garver[16]; 16. 18-Casey Turman[14]; 17. 1-Ty Ellis[18]; 18. 2-Bo Slay[6]

Qualifying 1: 1. 14-Will Herrington, 00:14.372[8]; 2. 1C-Kenny Collins, 00:14.429[6]; 3. 93-Cody Overton, 00:14.550[2]; 4. 33-Jeff Mathews, 00:14.559[7]; 5. 18D-Matt Dooley, 00:14.570[5]; 6. 99-JR Moseley, 00:14.731[1]; 7. 17-Billy Franklin, 00:14.839[4]; 8. T1-Todd Morrow, 00:14.974[3]; 9. 5-Mark Whitener, 00:15.079[9]

Qualifying 2: 1. S16-Sam Seawright, 00:14.371[7]; 2. 16-Austin Horton, 00:14.573[2]; 3. 2-Bo Slay, 00:14.593[3]; 4. 21-Shay Miller, 00:14.751; 5. 888-Dennis Hale, 00:14.781[6]; 6. 1N-Jordy Nipper, 00:14.890[4]; 7. 18-Casey Turman, 00:15.022[8]; 8. 01-Jason Garver, 00:15.205[5]; 9. 1-Ty Ellis, 00:16.004[1]