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Kenny Collins captures Alabama State Championship opener

This past weekend the Cars and Stars of the Southern All Stars Super Late Model Series invaded the high banks of East Alabama Motor Speedway for the 50th annual Alabama State Championships. 21 SAS Super Late Models signed in on Saturday night to do battle for 40 Laps and $4000.

The night started of with Kenny Collins setting quick time in group A and JR Mosely was quick time in group B and the overall quick qualifier.

JR Mosely and Kenny Collins would lead the 21 car field to green with Mosely taking the lead off of turn 2. It wouldn’t take long for Mosley to catch the back of the field as EAMS was in fantastic shape. Dalton Cook would challenge on lap 6 and on lap 8 it was dead even at the line but the battle would have to wait as Pearson Lee Williams and Mark Whitener get together in turn 2 ending both of the driver’s night. Mosely led the field back to green, Cook would throw a huge slider in turn 1 but the caution would come out as Richie Stephens went off the racetrack in turn 2. Mosely would lead the field back to green but contact between Shay Miller and Billy Franklin leading to Miller spinning out. Mosley would once again lead the field back to green but this time it was Sam Seawright who would go off the bank exiting turn 2. Mosely would once gain lead the field back to green and would stretch out his lead. Cook would begin to run down Mosely and on lap 16 would make a challenge at the lead. Mosely would weave his way through lap traffic and would stretch his lead over Cook until lap 25 when Cook would once again mount a challenge for the top spot. On lap 26 Cook threw a slider that would allow 3rd place running Kenny Collins to pass and take over the runner up spot. Collins wasn’t through making his way to the front and on lap 28 Collins threw a slider in turn 4 making contact with Mosely and taking the lead. Collins would stretch his lead until lap 31 when Chris McKeenan slid over the edge in turn 3. Collins led the field back to green and would pull away from the field until lap 36 when Dalton Cook slowed with a flat tire while running second. Kenny Collins would lead the rest of the way to pick up his first career Southern All Stars victory. Austin Horton, JR Mosely, Cody Overton, and Sam Seawright rounded out the Top 5.

Entries: 21

Quick Time Group A: Kenny Collins (14.167)

Group B: JR Mosely (14.094) Overall Quick Time: Mosely

Hard Charger: Billy Franklin (11)

A Feature 1: 1. 1C-Kenny Collins[1]; 2. 16-Austin Horton[6]; 3. 99-JR Moseley[2]; 4. 93-Cody Overton[14]; 5. S16-Sam Seawright[4]; 6. 1N-Jordy Nipper[9]; 7. 18-Matt Dooley[12]; 8. 17-Billy Franklin[19]; 9. 44D-Dalton Cook[3]; 10. 17X-Richie Stephens[8]; 11. T1-Todd Morrow[13]; 12. 888-Dennis Hale[16]; 13. 99M-Chris McKeehan[18]; 14. 01-Jason Garver[15]; 15. 33-Jeff Mathews[17]; 16. 21-Shay Miller[10]; 17. 121-Pearson Williams[5]; 18. 5-Mark Whitener[7]; 19. 2-Bo Slay[11]; 20. 18T-Casey Turman[21]; 21. 97-Jason Jack[20]

Qualifying 1: 1. 1C-Kenny Collins, 00:14.167[6]; 2. 44D-Dalton Cook, 00:14.199[2]; 3. 121-Pearson Williams, 00:14.429[10]; 4. 5-Mark Whitener, 00:14.489[3]; 5. 1N-Jordy Nipper, 00:14.529[5]; 6. 2-Bo Slay, 00:14.609[9]; 7. T1-Todd Morrow, 00:14.702[11]; 8. 01-Jason Garver, 00:14.860[1]; 9. 33-Jeff Mathews, 00:14.893[4]; 10. 17-Billy Franklin, 00:14.921[7]; 11. 18T-Casey Turman, 00:15.733[8]

Qualifying 2: 1. 99-JR Moseley, 00:14.094[8]; 2. 16-Austin Horton, 00:14.179[7]; 3. 17X-Richie Stephens, 00:14.270[4]; 4. 21-Shay Miller, 00:14.361[10]; 5. 18-Matt Dooley, 00:14.412[3]; 6. 93-Cody Overton, 00:14.441[1]; 7. 888-Dennis Hale, 00:15.155[2]; 8. 99M-Chris McKeehan, 00:15.727[5]; 9. S16-Sam Seawright, 00:16.503[12]; 10. 97-Jason Jack, 00:16.503[11]; 11. (DNS) 1-Ty Ellis, 00:16.503; 12. (DNS) 28-Taylor Puckett, 00:16.503