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Sam Seawright tops Southern All Star field at East Alabama

This past Saturday the Southern All Stars Super Late Models rolled into East Alabama Motor Speedway
to help celebrate the 50 th Anniversary of the historic facility. 21 SAS Super Late models signed in for a 50
Lap battle paying $5050 to the winner. The night started with a throwback feel, in a day and time of
multi-car qualifying, the SAS and EAMS decided to do single car qualifying. Corey Roulette and Dalton
Cook were group A and B quick qualifiers. Cody Overton and Dalton Cook would win the two heat races,
both heats were full of slide jobs and hurt feelings.

Dalton Cook and Cody Overton lead the field to green, Dalton Cook would grab the lead and would lead
lap one but then the first caution of the feature would wave when Jordy Nipper got a little high in turn
one and went over the bank. Nipper was able to continue. The following restart Cook would again take
command of the race until lap 7 when Cody Overton would take the lead. The second caution would
come out when Shun Thomas would slow down the back stretch with mechanical failure. Cody Overton
led the field to green and Pearson Lee Williams, who started 4 th , took second from Cook. Lap 15 Williams
began to make charge for the lead, but the third caution of the race would slow his challenge as SAS
Point Leader Matt Dooley would slow with a blown motor. On the restart, Overton would lead the field
around the topside of EAMS until lap 28 when Williams would throw a slider in turn one and Overton
would return the favor in turn 3 and retook the lead but the fourth caution would fly when JR Moseley
slowed in turn three. The ensuing restart Dalton Cook would slide both Williams and Overton then
Williams would slide Cook back meanwhile Overton gets shuffled back to 5 th . On lap 32 caution would
come out as Dalton Cook would slow with mechanical failure. Williams would lead the field back to
green and would control the race on the topside of the racetrack as that was the preferred groove, but
Sam Seawright was a man on mission and was slowly reeling him in. Lap 45 Seawright would really start
to mount a challenge but would bobble slightly and Williams pulled away. That didn’t discourage
Seawright as he got his rhythm back. Williams would bobble in turn 4 and Seawright threw a slider in
turn one but Williams was able to turn back down and retake the lead. Seawright would show the nose
with 3 to go but Williams pulled away until coming to take the white flag when Williams would once
again bobble in turn four and Seawright was able to throw a slider in turn one, Williams and Seawright
would make slight contact off of two making it a drag race down the back stretch. Seawright would hold
off Williams to claim his first career SAS feature win. Seawright’s win was worth a cool $5050, Seawright
came from Smokey Mountain Speedway the previous night.

Hard Charger: Parker Martin +11

Quick Qualifier: Dalton Cook 14.780

Heat Race Winners: Cody Overton, Dalton Cook

Car Count: 21

1. Matt Dooley 896
2. Billy Franklin 832
3. Shay Miller 718
4. Josh Putnam 498
5. Dalton Cook 310

A Feature 1: 1. S16-Sam Seawright[6]; 2. 121-Pearson Williams[4]; 3. 44-Clint Smith[7]; 4. 07-
Todd Morrow[11]; 5. 66K-Dylan Knowles[10]; 6. 97-Cody Overton[1]; 7. 6JR-Parker Martin[18];
8. 05C-Cory Roulette[3]; 9. 17-Billy Franklin[5]; 10. 38-Dillon Tidmore[14]; 11. 44D-Dalton
Cook[2]; 12. 99-JR Moseley[8]; 13. 1N-Jordy Nipper[12]; 14. 21-Shay Miller[16]; 15. 888-Dennis
Hale[9]; 16. 18-Matt Dooley[13]; 17. 11-Cruz Skinner[15]; 18. 99T-Oreo Thomas[17]; 19. 96M-
Marty Lunsford[20]; 20. 29-Shane Fulcher[19]

Heat 1: 1. 97-Cody Overton[2]; 2. 05C-Cory Roulette[1]; 3. 17-Billy Franklin[5]; 4. 44-Clint
Smith[3]; 5. 888-Dennis Hale[4]; 6. 07-Todd Morrow[7]; 7. 18-Matt Dooley[6]; 8. 11-Cruz
Skinner[8]; 9. 99T-Oreo Thomas[9]; 10. 29-Shane Fulcher[10]

Heat 2: 1. 44D-Dalton Cook[1]; 2. 121-Pearson Williams[2]; 3. S16-Sam Seawright[7]; 4. 99-JR
Moseley[3]; 5. 66K-Dylan Knowles[9]; 6. 1N-Jordy Nipper[5]; 7. 38-Dillon Tidmore[4]; 8. 21-Shay
Miller[6]; 9. 6JR-Parker Martin[8]; 10. 96M-Marty Lunsford[10]

Qualifying 1: 1. 05C-Cory Roulette, 00:14.817[5]; 2. 97-Cody Overton, 00:15.086[6]; 3. 44-Clint
Smith, 00:15.146[8]; 4. 888-Dennis Hale, 00:15.230[10]; 5. 17-Billy Franklin, 00:15.319[9]; 6. 18-
Matt Dooley, 00:15.346[7]; 7. 07-Todd Morrow, 00:15.464[2]; 8. 11-Cruz Skinner, 00:15.516[4];
9. 99T-Oreo Thomas, 00:15.980[11]; 10. 29-Shane Fulcher, 00:16.056[3]; 11. (DNS) 50V-Montie
Vaughn, 00:16.056

Qualifying 2: 1. 44D-Dalton Cook, 00:14.780[2]; 2. 121-Pearson Williams, 00:14.801[10]; 3. 99-JR
Moseley, 00:14.811[4]; 4. 38-Dillon Tidmore, 00:14.814[3]; 5. 1N-Jordy Nipper, 00:14.942[7]; 6.
21-Shay Miller, 00:15.006[8]; 7. S16-Sam Seawright, 00:15.012[1]; 8. 6JR-Parker Martin,
00:15.138[9]; 9. 66K-Dylan Knowles, 00:15.141[5]; 10. 96M-Marty Lunsford, 00:15.930[6]