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Magic Matt pulls one out at Columbus

After a weekend in Eastern Kentucky the cars and stars of the Southern All Stars Super Late Model series made the long awaited journey to Columbus, Ms to the Bullring, Columbus Speedway. 17 cars would enter the Bullring Bash which paid a cool $4000. Brian Rickman would come out and set Quick Time with a time 13.612, Brian would break in his heat race and would be a scratch for the feature. Neal Baggett and Josh Putnam were the 2 heat winners. Josh Putnam would utilize his ability to choose inside or outside for the 40 lap main event, Josh would choose the inside giving Neal Baggett the outside. Baggett would snatch the lead from Putnam and would lead until lap 10 when Putnam used the bottom of the race track to take the lead. Putnam would pull a way to a sizeable lead but the battle from 4th was a fantastic one. Matt Dooley, Dalton Cook, Christian Hanger, and Billy Franklin were duking it out on a very racey surface. Baggett would start to lose the handle on his 21xxx and would begin to fade allowing Rick Rickman to take 2nd and that battle for fourth swallowed Baggett up and now was seven car battle for third. Baggett would eventually pull into the infield. As Putnam would extend his lead the battle for third would start to rundown second place runner Rick Rickman. Putnam was on cruise control and looked be heading to his third win of the season when all of a sudden he began to slow as crossed underneath the flagstand. The battle for second is now the battle for the lead. Dooley would edge Rickman at the line to complete lap 37 and Dooley would go on to lead the rest of the way to pick up his first career SAS win and his first career Super Late Model win. Rick Rickman and Dalton Cook would round out your podium of the Bullring Bash that went caution free. (Scott Oglesby photo)

Next event: June 18th, East Alabama Speedway, Phenix City, AL

Hard Charger: Matt Dooley +3
Quick Qualifier: Brian Rickman 13.612
Heat Winners: Neal Baggett, Josh Putnam

Feature 40 Laps: 1. Matt Dooley, 2. Rick Rickman, 3. Dalton Cook, 4. Billy Franklin, 5. Christian Hanger, 6. Matt Cooper, 7. Austin Franklin, 8. Dillon Crim, 9. Josh Putnam, 10. Ronnie Cooper, 11. Blake McClain, 12. Shay Miller. 13. Neal Baggett, 14. Kyle Shaw, 15. Colby Ponds, 16. Logan Mize, DNS. Brian Rickman

Heat 1 8 Laps: 1. Neal Baggett, 2. Dalton Cook, 3. Rick Rickman, 4. Billy Franklin, 5. Matt Cooper, 6. Blake McClain, 7. Colby Ponds, 8. Logan Mize, 9. Brian Rickman

Heat 2 8 Laps: 1. Josh Putnam, 2. Matt Dooley, 3. Christian Hanger, 4. Austin Franklin, 5. Dillon Crim, 6. Ronnie Cooper, 7. Shay Miller, 8. Kyle Shaw

Qualifying: 1. Brian Rickman, 2. Josh Putnam, 3. Rick Rickman, 4. Matt Dooley, 5. Dalton Cook, 6. Christian Hanger, 7. Neal Baggett, 8. Austin Franklin, 9. Matt Cooper, 10. Shay Miller, 11. Billy Franklin, 12. Dillon Crim, 13. Blake McClain, 14. Ronnie Cooper, 15. Logan Mize, 16. Kyle Shaw, 17. Colby Ponds,