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Josh Putnam records third SAS win at Thunderhill

Memorial Day weekend the Southern All Star Super Late Models rolled into Amish Country to tackle the high banks of Thunderhill Raceway. 19 SAS signed in for competition and Josh Putnam was the quickest in qualifying 12.088. Due to Car Count the field was lined up from qualification and it was a pair of Alabama drivers that would lead the field to green. Sam Seawright would get the jump on Josh Putnam and slide him in one to take the lead. Lap 2 the caution would fly as Jason Walker would spin in turn 4. The field would go green and Seawright would jump out to the lead with Putnam close behind. Lap 7 the duo would catch the back of the field. Seawright and Putnam would dice in and out of traffic, Putnam would take the lead on lap 15 but Seawright came right back and took the lead back, this battle was taking place in heavy lap traffic until lap 23 when Christian Hanger slows with a flat right rear Hoosier. On the restart the dog fight for the lead continued until lap 24 when once again the field was slowed when Matt Cooper spun in turn 2. Seawright would once again lead the field to green and Putnam would lead lap 26, Seawright threw a slider in turn 1 and in turn 3 Josh would make contact with Seawright sending Seawright hard into the tractor tire that protects the blunt end of the wall. Seawright was ok but very angry at the driver of the 212. Putnam would lead the field back to green and would pull away from Jadon Frame, the battle for third was a fierce one as Dane Dacus and former SAS Champion Billy Franklin was trying to secure the last spot on the podium. Josh Putnam would lead the remaining 14 laps to pick up his third career SAS win and second at Thunderhill Raceway. (Zackary Washington photo)

Hard Charger: Logan Mize +10

A Feature 1 (40 Laps): 1. 212-Josh Putnam[1]; 2. J8-Jadon Frame[4]; 3. 54-Dane Dacus[3]; 4. 18C-Matt Cooper[5]; 5. 18-Matt Dooley[7]; 6. 17-Billy Franklin[6]; 7. 22-Austin Franklin[9]; 8. 50-Logan Mize[18]; 9. 16-Sam Seawright[2]; 10. 21-Shay Miller[13]; 11. 15-Christian Hanger[8]; 12. 10-Tommy Taylor[11]; 13. J27-Jay Scott[15]; 14. 2-AJ Ferguson[16]; 15. 18X-Michael Seibers[12]; 16. 215-Skip Freeman[14]; 17. 88-Jason Walker[17]; 18. 4-Ryan Wilson[10]; 19. (DNS) 01-Steven Stehle

Qualifying 1: 1. 212-Josh Putnam, 00:12.088[13]; 2. 16-Sam Seawright, 00:12.229[8]; 3. 54-Dane Dacus, 00:12.308[6]; 4. J8-Jadon Frame, 00:12.324[18]; 5. 18C-Matt Cooper, 00:12.412[19]; 6. 17-Billy Franklin, 00:12.564[14]; 7. 18-Matt Dooley, 00:12.618[17]; 8. 15-Christian Hanger, 00:12.641[7]; 9. 22-Austin Franklin, 00:12.795[12]; 10. 4-Ryan Wilson, 00:12.960[9]; 11. 10-Tommy Taylor, 00:12.971[5]; 12. 18X-Michael Seibers, 00:13.026[4]; 13. 21-Shay Miller, 00:13.270[2]; 14. 215-Skip Freeman, 00:13.301[10]; 15. J27-Jay Scott, 00:13.599[3]; 16. 2-AJ Ferguson, 00:13.683[15]; 17. 88-Jason Walker, 00:13.955[16]; 18. 50-Logan Mize, 00:14.133[11]; 19. 01-Steven Stehle, 00:14.372[1]

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