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Southern All Stars to kick off 2023 slate with Winter Freeze at Screven

The Cars and Stars of the Southern All Stars kick off their 41 season at Screven Motorsports Complex for the Annual Winter Freeze. This will be the second year the SAS kicks off their season at the 3/8-mile Georgia red clay oval that is an hour Northeast of Savannah. The SAS will join the SCDRA front wheel drive series who will be competing for a top prize of $19,000, the SCDRA had a whopping 109 entries that saw 46 Starters take the green flag for 100 laps. Ross Bailes pick ed up the win in the 2022 edition of the Winter Freeze, Ross bested a strong field of 23 SAS Super Late Model, Pearson Lee Williams and Rusty Schlenk rounded out the podium. This will be the 10th visit by the SAS to Screven, previous 9 visits saw 7 different winners with the Tar Heal Tiger Ray Cook picking up the inaugural visit in 2007. Screven also has a wide variety of concessions that is unique to Screven that includes Salisbury Steak, Fried Chicken, Green Bean Mashed Potatoes and much more.

Pits: 9AM $40
Stands: 1PM $35
Track Opened: 1997
Location: 6118 Savannah Hwy, Sylvania, GA 30467
Track Phone: (864) 871-1442
Purse: 1st $10,000 2nd $6,000 3rd $4,000 4th $3,000 5th $2,500 6th $2,00 7th $1,700 8th $1,500 9th $1,300 10th $1,25011th $1,20012th $1,15013th $1100 14th $105015th $1000 16th $975 17th $95018th $925 19th $900 20th $900 21st $900 22nd $900 23rd $900 24th $900 Total $47,000
Tire Rule: 1350 1600 21 55 70 LM 20 LM 40 NLMT 2 and 4, 6 tire limit for the night
Droop Rule will be enforced
Race Format: Two groups for Qualifying No lock ins Heat Races B-Mains 50 lap A-Main

2022 Winter Freeze Results: 1. 79-Ross Bailes[3]; 2. 121-Pearson Lee Williams[7]; 3. 63-Rusty Schlenk[8]; 4. F1-Payton Freeman[4]; 5. 44-Colten Burdette[6]; 6. 1D-Brent Dixon[1]; 7. 42K-Cla Knight[5]; 8. 2X-John Henderson[10]; 9. 1C-Kenny Collins[16]; 10. 44D-Dalton Cook[18]; 11. 93-Benjamin Cranford[9]; 12. 07T-Dale Timms[11]; 13.11-David Duke[13]; 14. 26JR-Jimmy Sharpe[22]; 15. 16N-Brian Nuttall Jr[14]; 16. 20H-Bryson Harper[17]; 17. 17-Billy Franklin[20]; 18. 18D-Matt Dooley[15]; 19. (DNF) 212-Josh Putnam[2]; 20. (DNF) 20-Todd Brennan[21]; 21-Shay Miller[19]; 22. (DNF) Michael Brown[12]; 23. (DNS) D52-Brad Basey

Previous Winners: Chelsey Dixon (07,10), Dennis Rambo Franklin (Both 2007), Ray Cook (2007), Benji Cole (2009), Casey Barrow (2009), Brandon Overton (2018), Ross Bailes (2022)
Expected Entries:
Matt Dooley
Billy Franklin
Pearson Lee Williams
Austin Franklin
Shay Miller
Trent Ivey
Kenny Collins
Jordy Nipper
Ross Bailes